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Mark Halberstam, the principal of our firm, brings to the table over 30 years of personal injury experience, from both the claimant's and defendant's perspective, having alternately represented both during that time. During that period, Mr. Halberstam has handled and settled hundreds of cases. Mr. Halberstam also was engaged - both before and during his over 30 year personal injury career - in the general practice of law.  


Thus, when an accident occurs at a premises, Mr. Halberstam applies his real estate and title insurance experience to help fully investigate ownership and liability issues (i.e., determining who is at fault in the occurrence of an accident and why) pertaining to the accident site location. While if an accident involves automobiles with, for example, the driver of defendant's vehicle being arrested for driving while intoxicated, Mr. Halberstam applies his criminal law experience and - if applicable - will submit a freedom of information law request to the relevant district attorney's office prosecuting the DWI case to obtain the disclosable portions of the defendant's criminal file to further document the civil case against that defendant.  


Over time, Mr. Halberstam has also developed expertise in handling work related (construction law) accident cases inasmuch as a number of such lawsuits have been instituted/handled by Mr. Halberstam. The aforementioned briefly describes just some of the ways prospective personal injury clients may benefit from our principal attorney's varied legal experience when hiring his law firm for their personal injury case. We look forward to providing you with a free initial consultation upon your contacting our firm regarding retaining our services for your accident case.

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