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Accidents can happen at any time. Just walking down the street can bring minor or serious injury. Falling structures, various objects or falling ceilings can be very dangerous and may result in large medical bills to treat your injuries.


If you have been seriously hurt by a falling ceiling or other falling objects or structures, Attorney Halberstam is ready to answer your questions and pursue any recovery options. With experience in indoor and outdoor falling ceiling and falling object cases, he will review your specific case to get you the compensation you are entitled to.


Falling ceiling injuries may not be your fault

Worksite and construction site injuries

Often times, a worker can be injured by a worksite accident such as a falling ceiling or falling object through no fault of his or her own. With so many people working on different levels at any given construction site, falling objects can cause serious injuries. Even with workers wearing their helmets and protective gears, accidents may still occur.


Whether it was a miscommunication, hazardous working conditions, or mere negligence that caused the object or ceiling to fall, Attorney Halberstam will examine every angle of your case to get you the possible maximum compensation.


If you've been injured by a falling ceiling, you should be compensated!

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