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  • Icy walkways

  • Slick stairways

  • Dangerous structure elements

  • Poor construction / building code violations

  • Improper setup of electrical equipment

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Personal injuries that results from slip, trip and fall accidents are often  caused by elements outside of your control. For example, a fall in a store could be due to improper product placement or dangerous conditions concealed by display cases or  even wet floors. It could also be due to improper maintenance or lack of inspection by management. So if you are a victim of a slip, trip or fall accicent, do not hesitate to contact Arttorney Halberstam to inquire about possible compensation.

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Premise Liability

Hazardous walkways are not your fault!

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If you have been injured on another's property, the fault may lie with the property owner or manager. Attorney Mark Halberstam has had great success in assigning liability for personal injury cases for all types of injuries whether minor or major. He will give you the best service and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Slip, trip, and fall can be caused by various conditions